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Al Howin Mystery Box  万圣节盒子
2 000 奥古水晶

The Al Howin Mystery Box guarantees you one of the following  :

Common: 普通奖励

Evil Fishcake x5  邪恶鱼饼 5个

Emote « The Borbat»  蝙蝠表情

Uncommon: 进阶奖励

Borbat  蝙蝠宠物

Crobak 乌鸦宠物

Rare : 稀有奖励

Vampire Costume 吸血鬼服饰

Infernal Costume 头上冒火的那服饰

Jacko Costume  南瓜头服饰

Día de los Muertos Costume  这个是啥来着?欢迎评论告知

Jackpot :  头等奖

All the items !  所有奖励全获得

Information: items are unlinked to account.
Open your Mystery Box by using your very own WAKFU Bank and use one of the tokens!

Another year, another haunted festival: Al Howin! What would this celebration be without a little trick and… lots of treats! Defend the World of Twelve from troublemakers that only celebrate by spreading curses and stealing candy. The spooky event starts today!

From today, 25th of October (10:00 AM server time), to 8th of November (10:00 AM server time) the wicked witch of Al Howin has returned to curse… and to swear!

It’s time to dispatch her, and her wicked minions from causing chaos. After all, how can little Astrubian trick-and-treaters enjoy themselves with the presence of such danger?

Make Astrub streets safe again and be rewarded for it. Here are the details:

  • An exclusive dungeon available in Astrub for the duration of the event.
  • A legion of Cursed Gobballs.
  • Villagers with an unusual appearance: the “Pumpkwinner”.
  • Almokens, Almokens, Almokens!

Take part this year for the chance of new rewards (in addition to last year’s rewards):

  • 4 new exclusive Haven Bag decorations.
  • 1 exclusive costume.

And if you’re a bit late preparing your Al Howin costume, you can get your hands on a new Al Howin Mystery Box, full of spooky-related costumes, pets and more!

So don’t delay, take to Astrub today and free it from the curse of that wicked ol’ witch!