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It's that time again, Saint Potrick is here! Amongst the many activities on offer between the generously poured pints, you'll find that our old scratch card game is back. So, from March 17th to 20th, we're scratching the itch that is Quick Potrick!

Just like every other year, the Pandawas are coming together to honor their favorite goddess in the best way they know. As a reminder, for those who were asleep at the back of the classroom for the World of Twelve history lesson, Saint Potrick commemorates the accession of the goddess Pandawa, who arrived in Ingloriom on Martalo 17th of the year 12.

To mark the occasion as we do every year, we're inviting you to join the party with our scratch card game that starts on March 17th 9:00 AM UTC and ends on March 20th.

Here are the prizes:

  • Pandawa Haven Bag decors
  • The Froggy Costume
  • A Green Saint Potrick Fairy
  • A Green Saint Potrick Candy
  • A Wisdom Candy of Fortune


Please note that in order to play the game, you must have an active Booster Pack or must have purchased anything from the Shop after the 1st of January.