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从4月10日到4月17日,在网页web Shop充值6000水晶以上送Tonka时装


From April 10th to 17th, the sweet smell of cocoa will perfume your Shop. And for good reason: the Tonka Costume will be free with any purchase of a pack of 6,000 Ogrines or more! Don't miss out!

Some adventurers leave a Bworkish odor in their wake after a tiring day. Some – thanks to their deodorant of Astrubian freshness, with natural extracts of Kaliptus leaf bark core – leave behind a scent of Kaliptus… but it's still Bworkish. And then there's you. If you want to, you can spread sweet, delightful aromas of chocolate, everywhere you go.

From April 10th to 17th, the Tonka Costume will be given away with packs of 6,000 Ogrines or more*!

This outfit is none other than that of Billy and Billie Tonka, the brother and sister who own the most renowned chocolate factory in the World of Twelve! They've always made a point of honor in keeping the location of their factory secret, probably out of fear that the biggest chocolate lovers – driven by their insatiable appetite – would go there to stuff themselves with cocoa. Maybe once you put it on, this costume will lead out to this coveted place… Or maybe it'll put your off chocolate forevermore. The best way to find out is to try it on!

A few reminders

  • The costume is not linked to the account.
  • The promotion is available for the web Shop only.
  • Ogrine packs may vary from country to country. The Tonka costume will show up in the purchase process before payment is confirmed.