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一次充值13000水晶以上送Mishell时装,活动时间:3月24日到3月26日22:45 (北京时间3月17日6:45)




A fervent protector of the creatures of the Krosmoz, Rigide Barjo and her sisters have nothing on Mishell. An Osamodas who is so involved with animal rights has rarely been seen! And what if you put on her (100% synthetic) outfit? From March 24th to 26th, receive it when you purchase a pack of 13,000 ogrines or more!


The World of Twelve has nothing to worry about: the future is assured! You only need to see the devotion with which Mishell tries to preserve her flora and fauna in order to have peace of mind. This young Osamodas and Wild Beach Clan Member, found on Mount Zinit, is the foresighted type. She actually collects eggs of the various existing species to shelter them in her ark.

From March 24th to 26th 10:45 PM UTC, receive the Mishell Costume when you purchase a pack of 13,000 Ogrines or more!

You too can slip into the skin of the most endearing and sensitive Osamodas of all time.

A few reminders

  • The costume is not linked to the account.
  • The promotion is available for the web Shop only.
  • Ogrine packs may vary from country to country, for example, players from the USA will have the offer for 11,000 Ogrines. The Mishell costume will show up in the purchase process before payment is confirmed.