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You're spending your Saturday afternoon with friends when suddenly, one of your buddies turns white, and their face is transformed, what on Earth is happening? No, it's not a heart attack, but with the blow you just inflicted on him in-game, he's K.O.! Time is of the essence! You have to quickly activate... your new Recovery Position emote!

You've wanted this emote for so long but your health is running low...how to get your hands on it?

From October 20th to 24th 9:45 PM UTC, any purchase of 13,000 Ogrines or more will earn you a Recovery Position emote for free!

If you want to see what the emote looks like, take a look

Dial 911! Um... no. Actually, don't do that... visit the Wakfu Shop instead!

A few reminders: 
* The emote is linked to account.
** The promotion is not available via Steam Wallet.

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