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In a few days, WAKFU will (really) be five years old! We've been celebrating its birthday for several weeks now, and we're not slowing down! The proof: for 48 hours, everything in the Shop (except for packs of Ogrines) is 50% off!


What?! Everything in the Shop? 50% off?! But not the Ogrines?
No, not the Ogrines. But everything else.
What, everything else? Even the services?
Yes, even the services.
But not the booster packs, right?
Yes! Yes! The booster packs too!
And the Ogrines?
Ugh… No, not the Ogrines!

To sum up… All of the items in the Shop, except for packs of Ogrines, are 50% off between 12:01 AM CET on Saturday, February 25th and 11:45 PM CET on Sunday the 26th!

Why 50%? Because WAKFU is turning 5 years old! 5 years, 50%. There you go.

But don't go hoping for 100% when we hit 10 years! Tricksy little…