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从5月4日到5月9日,在商店购买【双英雄+wip】30天或以上,送Forced Awakening Costume时装。

From May 4th to 9th (inclusive), any adventurer who doesn’t like waking up early can suddenly become a morning person! We’ll give you a Forced Awakening Costume as a gift when you buy any combination (2 Heroes + Booster Pack) of 30 days or more. This is an offer you don’t want to miss!


Sometimes it’s hard, even for the most motivated adventurer, to get up early and embrace the day, whistling a happy tune and looking fresh as a daisy with breath smelling of Kaliptus. Let’s be frank, sometimes you’re in such a bad meowd that the only way to feel better is to take it out on some poor, innocent little Bow Meow.

Thank goodness that the Forced Awakening Costume exists for those difficult mornings! Much better than a hot cup of milo (or fermented bamboo milk for the Pandawa) this costume will give you all the energy you need for a busy day out adventuring! In this costume, you know you’re going to get out on the right side of the bed; and even better: your lucky star will be watching over you all day long.

From May 4th to the 9th, you’ll get the Forced Awakening Costume for free when you buy any combination (2 heroes + Booster Pack) of 30 days or more.

Don't miss out!