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购买地址:Wakfunding page.



As you already know, after two seasons and three special episodes, the Wakfu series is back for a third season. We're on the right track to thrill you with visual delights and stories that warm your heart, but there's still a long way to go. As usual, we've been looking for a solution that's a little more off the beaten track...

Fully financing an animation project without compromise is a real struggle. Finding the right partners, discussing with them, trying to convince them and tempering the changes they would like to make takes time.

On the other hand, we do have one solid pillar: Our community. You like what we do, the way we do it, and we already have your support. Who better to form a partnership with than you?

The WAKFUNDING concept

As we've already said, progress on WAKFU season 3 is coming along well.

But if we want to maintain the same level of quality until the end, we need to find some additional funding...

So, how can we continue this project with the same ambitions and freedom, counting on you, BUT without asking you to contribute more than you already do on a daily basis? The answer's simple. WE'RE the ones who are going to offer you even MORE!

How about if we offer you some new items and packs? And what if these exclusive items and packs finance our latest ambitions for WAKFU season 3?

Whether you play DOFUS or WAKFU, or you're simply a fan of the series, the aim of Wakfunding is to establish a privileged exchange between YOU and US, to build something together, and for everyone to come out a winner.

Every Thursday throughout November, we will be offering you new items and packs. Treat yourself and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you're contributing to the creation of your favorite animated series! And that's not all! Everyone who contributes to Wakfunding will get digital bonuses from the series in December:

  • Kim Etinoff's presentation: Creating season 3's characters (French language, with English subtitles)
  • Vincent Lamassonne's presentation: Season 3's backgrounds (French language, with English subtitles)
  • Season 3 concept art collection
  • Background pack




Below, you will find details of the offers of the week in your game:

  • Wakfulisk Costume
  • I am Yugo (Emote)
  • Percedal Finisher
  • Wakfu Harness
  • Drheller Mount

Available until Thursday, November 10 2016 (3:00 PM UTC).


From Thursday, November 10!

What if you're not a player, but you still want to play a part in the series' creation? No problem! Two new packs of items and goodies inspired by the WAKFU series will soon be available from the Ankama Shop! Visit us on Thursday, November 10 to find out more!

Treat yourself while contributing to the financing of the 3rd season of your favorite animated series!

For more information, go to the Wakfunding page.
Come back next Thursday for new content and packs!

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