三天的上帝wip特供 3 DAYS OF GOD BOOSTER!

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从今日起到8月15日,商店开售三天的上帝wipbooster,只要1000水晶。能随时在this page激活。


Is being a hero not quite scratching that itchy lust for power? How about feeling like a god for three days? On the beach, in your free time or over a long weekend, enjoy the most powerful booster at your convenience with a 3-day ticket*! Available in the Shop until August 15th.

For 1,000 OG, the 3-day God Booster ticket lets you try out the most powerful booster available. And on top of that, you can activate it whenever you want (it will appear on this page) ! It's a great way to spend a long weekend or a carefree summer vacation.

The 3-day God Booster ticket is available from the Shop* until Tuesday, August 15th (11:45 p.m. CET).

* Offer limited to one purchase per account.

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