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If you won't go to Al Howin, Al Howin will come to you! And even to your home... thanks to the Dia de los muertos decors. You will find them in the Shop until November 1st where, what's more, all the other Haven Bags and decorations will be half the price!


Al Howin's all about the atmosphere! It's happening inside and out! So, why not at your place, in your Haven Bag! Admit it, you're just... dying for it! So, don't wait a moment longer!

The aptly named Dia de los muertos decors (120 OG per item or 1,000 OG for the pack of 10) are in the Shop until Tuesday November 1st at 9:45 PM UTC! During this same period, the other Haven Bags and decor kits are all half the price! Your guests will be thrilled with the welcome you offer them!

Adventuring is all well and good, but there's a time and a place for everything. Al Howin's a time for treating your home to a thrilling makeover!