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如题,1月23日22:45UTC (北京时间1月24日6:45)

The Purple Tofu Costume for free!Do you like feathers? Are Tofus your favorite animal? Do your fingers turn purple when it's cold? Coincidence? Certainly not! This offer is just for you: until January 23rd, you'll get the Purple Tofu Costume for free whenever you spend a total amount of at least 6,000 Ogrines. Hurry!

You! Yes, you, shy young adventurer. You've been dreaming of it for so long, without ever daring to take the plunge: well now, you'll finally be able to treat yourself to your feathery thing! So go on! Fly away! Fly away! Fly awaaay! Far from the unfashionable costume you've got stuck to you! Fly away! Flyyy awaaay hahaha! Flyyyyyy awaaaaaay haaaaaa!

Flyyyyyy awaaaaaay haaaaaa HAAAAAAAAAA!

Errr, where were we again?

Oh yes! From now until 10:45 PM UTC on January 23rd, get the Purple Tofu Costume for free! To be able to wear this magnificent adornment which will finish glorifying your already overflowing charisma, all you have to do is spend a total of 6,000 Ogrines or more in the Shop*.

Don't let such an offer fly away!

* This means a single order totaling over 6,000 Ogrines, and not several orders' totals combined. The item will appear automatically in your basket as soon as the 6,000 Ogrines limit is reached.
** The costume is not linked to an account.