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Do you feel like playing? Then all you have to do is play! Would you like to win a booster to play more? Then all you have to do is play! Until Friday, August 17, buy a booster, play for at least eight hours, and… win a free booster!

It's the simplest challenge you'll ever have to face in the World of Twelve to get a reward: simply play! And you'll be rewarded with a free booster – just by having fun.

The concept couldn't be more straightforward: If you buy a (7- or 30-day) booster between August 10 and 17, you'll just need to play for a minimum of eight hours during the same period to receive a second booster of the same length for free!

It will be credited from Monday, August 20: It will either be added to your active booster or will be activated automatically on that date if you don't have an active booster.

In short: To win, all you have to do is play!



  • Offer is valid once per account.