2020年02月18日 沃土新闻 暂无评论 阅读 1,259 次

从2020年3月2日开始,游戏内取消WIP1/WIP2,只保留WIP3即God Booster

WIP3售价统一调整为 4750水晶 30天,   2200水晶 7天



As enthusiasm for discounted God Boosters has been so high, we decided to keep these prices permanent and extend the sale on God Boosters indefinitely. This wonderful news calls the relevance of Adventure and Hero Boosters into question… which is why they will now be eliminated(a change that will benefit a large majority of you).


Starting March 2, the cost of a God Booster will be permanently reduced. 7-day God Boosters will go from €5 to €2, while 30-day God Boosters will go from €12 to €6.

Note that the permanent discounted offer on God Boosters coincides with community-wide free access to Mount Zinit.


Starting March 2, Hero and Adventure Boosters will be replaced by God Boosters. As God Boosters are going down in price, the other types will become obsolete. Any players currently using a Hero or Adventure Booster may continue to do so until they run out, but these booster types won't be available in the store from March 2 onwards.


On Monday, March 2, God Booster prices will be locked in at €2 and €6 (respectively) for good!

Don't miss out!

Note: players who use recurring payments will receive a detailed email about their situation in preparation for this permanent change.