【GOD WIP限时促销】50%OFF

2019年12月11日 沃土新闻 暂无评论 阅读 1,326 次

即日起至1月9日止,原价9500水晶的30天GOD WIP,现在只要4750水晶,7天的2200水晶(不推荐购买)


As we approach Kwismas, our desire to make you happy by showering you with gifts is growing! From now through January 9, 7-day and 30-day God Boosters are on sale at discount prices. Don't miss out!

Until January 9, the gates to Mount Zinit are wide open to you. Twelvians from here and elsewhere – whether they're carved out of Crackler rock or as bite size as a Grawn – can go face the most calamitous creature the World of Twelve has ever known!

Because the gods know that many of you are going to be eating chestnuts (you'll no doubt say it's the time of year), they decided to be generous in a heartwarming way. Under the influence of Milivarand Lucyvan, respectively the Meridia of Merit and Rewards, they managed to convince Marilez, the Meridia of Business, to make a small gesture on God Boosters.

So during this period, the 7-day God Booster will be on sale for €2 and the 30-day one for €6.

Warning: This offer is valid only once per account! (Marilez is the nice type of Meridia, but you shouldn't push it too far!)

Moreover, since this offer is not valid on recurring payment God Boosters, players who signed up to them will receive 5 Rubik's Cube Mystery Boxes.