【GOD WIP打折特权】10%OFF

2017年12月23日 沃土新闻 暂无评论 阅读 1,545 次

即日起至2018年1月8日止,God wip用户在网页商城买东西享受九折优惠。

Enutrof was so insistent on playing the role of Father Kwismas this year that the other gods, tired of fighting, ended up granting him his wish. But they did impose one condition: that he be generous, just this once. He did lose his voice for a moment, but made a good effort: 10% discount on all Ogrine prices in the Shop!

Although touched by the Kwismas Spirit, Enutrof isn't the type to just give away his powers! He's offering anyone with a God Booster this discount, valid until 11:59 PM CET on Monday, January 8: during this period, all Ogrine prices in the Shop (including boosters) will get a 10% discount!

More than two weeks of good deals in the middle of the winter holidays? Now that's a gift!

* Wakfupremium players will not receive any additional discount.