【Feisty Kitty新时装】限时贩卖

2018年01月16日 沃土新闻 暂无评论 阅读 1,790 次

从1月16日-1月22日 限时贩卖新时装  售价4500水晶,特点是根据穿者的发色发生变色


After Iop, Xelor, and Cra, all eyes are now on the most divine of all the moggies! From January 16 to 22, the Feisty Kitty Costume will be on sale in the Shop for $5.00 or 4,500 Ogrines. There's one small particularity: It's a lively outfit that adapts to the color of your hair!

There's little point in reminding you that Ecaflip is indisputably the most playful divinity! Also, when his gambler's fever and the thrill of risk aren't enough, he turns to other ways of having fun… His favorite one is dressing up, putting on the most extravagant outfits possible, thereby changing his identity as if it were a shirt!


The lively Feisty Kitty Costume, that adapts to your hair color, shows the love the god of gambling and chance has for dressing up!

Available in the Shop until 11:59 PM CET on January 22 for $5.00 or 4,500 Ogrines.

Don't miss out!