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You'll find the target of May's Boss Smasher – the Royal Blibli – holed up in the Boarthroom. Bliblis make for good eating, but only if you can get past their tusks. If things don't go belly up (or rather, if you make the Royal Blibli go belly up), you'll come out of it with a special title and a reward token!

The Royal Cwab's getting ready to exit stage left. You've only got a few days left to sink your teeth into him. Starting on Wednesday, May 1, you'll have a new enemy to beat in the Boss Smasher.

Sooner or later, everyone's got to go to the Boarthroom. So don't pigheadedly try to be the exception that proves the rule! You too are headed for the Royal Blibli's lair – not to chew the fat (vacation's not here yet) but to defeat the boss!

There, you'll win a title linked to the event and a token to exchange for rewards in the machine!

One last word: Remember the number 21! That's the required Stasis level.

You have until May 31. Happy hunting!