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Update 1.66 is revamping the Sadida Kingdom. But it's more than a revamp: It's simply an enormous amount of work on a new island.Greater and more sophisticated, the Sadida Kingdom pays tribute to the WAKFU animated series.


Green, imposing and royal: The Sadida Kingdom is an iconic place in the World of Twelve. In the series, it is Princess Amalia's cradle, but also the source of conflict in Season 1, where the first battle against Nox takes place.

Our underlying goal was therefore to make this iconic place as great again as it deserves to be.

We've made a lot of changes and introduced many new ideas.

This involved to strong cooperation from a graphic, game design and level design point of view. We thoroughly overhauled several aspects in order to give this island a strong identity in the game.

A lot of thought was clearly put in around the Transmedia angle. From the television series, we wanted to be able to adapt the fauna, flora, history and atmosphere of the Sadida Kingdom so as to remain as faithful as possible to what already existed. This means you can find the Sadida village, the royal palace with its throne room, the military HQ, as well as Amalia's room, but also the prison and many other places fans of the series will be familiar with.









You'll find:

  • Four new zones:
    • The Boowolf Clearing
    • The Web-Entangled Hill
    • The Deforested Forest
    • The Gerbean Galleries
  • Four distinct monster families, including two new ones
  • Four related dungeons
  • New resources
  • As well as new NPCs


The Sadida Kingdom is divided into four distinct zones that are home to each of the four monster families (including two new ones), and therefore four quite distinct environments with four dungeons.

We want how these zones are constructed to be coherent within each segment of the island.Adapting what's in the series and possible ways of interpreting this in the game therefore had to be in harmony with one another.

Arachnees and Boowolves

They already existed in the game, but the Arachnee and Boowolf families have been completely overhauled to integrate them into this new island more easily, both visually and in terms of their design, combat mechanics and characteristics.

This is especially the case for the radioactive Arachnees, which didn't necessarily fit with the environment of the Sadida Kingdom and the new identity we want to give it. This means you can discover them in a completely different form!


New Arachnees

Gerbeans and Bubourgs

You surely must have seen these adorable little monsters in the series. Now you can find them in the game as well.

Adapting these families to the game resulted in research work regarding the story that might be told and the impact each of the two families could have in the game.

Baby Gerbean

Boss Gerbean


The Clan Masters have also been overhauled according to the new zones in order to strengthen each one's identity. One by one, each in their own way, they tell us a story.

But hush! We're not going to spoil it all; we've got to leave a little suspense for you to enjoy when the update is released… We can't wait for you to set foot in this signature zone of the WAKFU universe!

Enjoy the game!