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A sun-drenched valley with fertile soil, a joyful land of happy travelers...” These were the words that Ruel the Enutrof chose one day to tell his friends in the Brotherhood of the Tofu* of his lasting memories of a mysterious land... But could his memory have been playing tricks on him? You’ll soon have a chance to find out for yourself, with the release of update 1.64...

Is it a rock? A craggy cape? A peninsula? An island? The shroud of mystery that surrounds this region is about to be lifted... At least in part...

For not everything has a clear explanation. It’s easy to blame the rising waters and Ogrest’s Chaos, but are they really the only reasons for the strange events taking place here?

And why does time itself seem to follow different rules?

Very soon, you’ll be tasked with finding answers to these questions – and many more – as you explore this new expansion that’s coming your way in Update 1.64! You’ll find dungeons, quests, rewards and – just maybe – some answers...

And maybe – just maybe – you, like Ruel, will one day sing: “Pandalucia, I remember thee...

* Season 2, Episode 13 of the WAKFU animated series: The Night of the Thirsters.