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The next update is coming soon to the game! With the Pandalucia expansion, get ready for a bartime… Check out what Update 1.64 (not to be confused with Kro… a certain brand of beer) has in store for you now!

Ever since we told you about it, you've been on the edges of your seats at the idea of setting foot in Pandalucia. It's time to put an end to it and allow you into this idyllic place with its lush landscapes,typical bamboo culture, fresh waterfalls (as well as its inhabitants, who are less so) and majestic hill.

That's right – the real bamboo update is coming to the game on July 2!

Check out:

- The expansion you've all been waiting for: Pandalucia.

- The new Enchantment system that replace Smithmagic.

Graphical improvements (scenery is now animated).

Get ready!