【1.60版本更新】UPDATE 1.60 IS COMING!

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Come and discover what awaits you in our latest update that arrives on Wednesday!

Stasis, the energy opposing Wakfu, is spreading in the World of Twelve. Are you up to the task in facing this destructive force? On the program for Update 1.60: Shards of Stasis:

  • The Stasis changes form and offers a new concept for combat modifiers. Read the Devblog here.
  • Spreading throughout the World of Twelve, the Stasis difficulty is finally arriving in the lairs of the Ultimate Bosses. Read the Devblog here.
  • Take out your bombs and make them shine because the Rogue class returns with a big bang with a complete revamp. Read the details here.
  • We have also applied many quality of life improvements: kamas are now shared to the entire account (per server), limits on kamas for certain features have been increased, display of a guild member's last connection, fix for various reconnection issues in combat... the full details will be available in our changelog.
  • And much more... stay tuned!

Sit back and hold tight because the update arrives on Wednesday, June 20!