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Start the year off right! Until Wednesday, January 15, an illustrious bird has landed in the shop with the Black Crow Finisher and other prestigious passengers under its wing: the Dark Feather pack.Check it out and if it tickles your tail feathers… Snatch it up!

A new year is starting, and a new pack has hatched… and it's theme is a real feather in your cap: the Black Crow. Check out its contents and watch the feathers fly:

  • Black Crow Finisher (New!)*
  • Black Crow Haven Bag Kit
  • Feather Aura
  • Pet : Crobak

Are you going to walk right by this fledgling Dark Feather Pack that fell right out of its nest? Or take it under your wing, like a positive omen for the year 2020 under the sign of a heroic bird?

You have until 11:59 p.m. CET on Wednesday, January 15 to make up your mind…


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