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You've already noticed his mischievous (and not to mention bawdy) smile in several episodes of the WAKFU series. Today, you can get it as a bonus gift whenever you make a purchase using real currency! Don't hesitate for a second: The Black Quack Kit will make your Haven Bag a truly quacky place…

From now until August 13, there's a beak-dropping offer in the store. For every purchase using real currency, no matter how much, you'll get the Black Quack Haven Bag Kit as a bonus gift!

Do you remember the "ugly" duckling who was as black as a Brakmarian's soul? His tendency to be in the "right place" at the right time won't have gone unnoticed to fans of the WAKFU animated series…

Today, he might just show his cheeky face in your Haven Bag…

Don't miss out!