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礼包内容:魔界新款时装,魔界之王终结技能特效(账号绑定),矿塔门票*3,GOD WIP*30天,魔界怪物蜀黍风格庇护袋外观*1



Always very generous with dirty tricks, Rushu is wreaking havoc in the peaceful monthly parade of the god packs. Now he's taking possession of his own pack, which is outright settling into the store from October 24 to 31!

The king of the demons isn't the type to keep his promises! He who swore not to leave the Shustuft Crust will use any means necessary to achieve his goal: taking control of the World of Twelve. As soon as one plan fails, he's preparing a new one! This time, he's trying to take the backdoor: god packs!

He's managed to get his own pack containing the following:

  • Demonic Lord Costume (new and animated!)
  • Rushu Finisher (new!)
  • Shushu Haven Bag Kit (new and animated!)
  • 3 Mineral Tower Tickets
  • 30 Day God Booster

Since not a single pet wanted to risk their life by his side in this demonic adventure, the price of the pack is suffering the consequences: it only costs €18!

Get it between 11:00 AM (Paris time) on October 24 and 11:59 PM (Paris time) on October 31 before it Shushutters the whole store!