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A gobbowl fan can do anything! Even a happy dance! The proof is in this emote, directly inspired by an episode of the WAKFU series (we'll leave it to you to find out which one…). The Fan Dance emote is free when you spend 6,000 or more OG in the Shop.


A nod to seasons 1 to 3 of the WAKFU series (available from October 30th on Netflix France), the Fan Dance emote (Pom-pom dance) is a real rhythmical tribute to the joy of gobbowl! 

Until Monday, November 13th 11:59 PM CET, take advantage of your Shop purchases to get this emote for free!

It's our gift to you as soon as the total of your basket* reaches 6,000 OG!

With Fan Dance, the message is clear: "jump around, dance and beat people up to your heart's content!"


*This includes in-Shop purchases for a total amount of at least 6,000 OG, but does not include the purchase of Ogrines themselves.


  • To be eligible for this promotion, you must spend a total of 6,000 Ogrines. You can make several purchases within the promo period. It is not necessary to spend everything in a single basket.
  • Services and Booster Packs in Ogrines are part of this promotion, For example, you buy a God Booster 7 days at 5,500 Ogrines then a costume at 2,000 Ogrines, you will then receive the item in your Gift Box.
  • You can view your purchase history in your account management page.
  • This offer is valid only once per account.