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        另外商城限时上架一些前两年出现过的老表情,包括发声类表情B-box B,B-box C,B-box D 售价为1600水晶


Musicians and singers from all around the world of Twelve are gathering once again to celebrate their music! Created by a brotherhood of bracelets by Veronika Gobbstock, this year's edition of the event offers a new achievementthe Next Star!

Whether you like a beautiful Piwi or a paper bag, Gobbstock is one event you're sure to a - do - re-miBut this year, you will not be able to say it's just the same old song ... For the simple reason that this is an all-new event!

You can participate from June 21 at 10:00 AM (server time) to July 1 10:00 AM (server time). Throughout the event, you'll receive Music Tokens at the end of every fightwherever you are in the World of Twelve .

You can then exchange your tokens for musical emotes at the machine located in the basement of the Astrub Inn. We've created 4 new ones just for the occasion! Players who collect all the emotes will earn the title of "The Next Star".

Time to tune in, tune up and trade some tokens!

Mika-El Jakson emote

What's more, on Thursday, June 20, three Beatbox emotes ( B C and D ) will be available at a discount price (1,600 ogrines instead of 2,000) in the store! The ravenous ones among you will be able to get all three in a single pack also containing the Mika-El Jakson emote, on sale for 7,800 ogrines instead of 10,000.

Don't miss your chance!