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Did the winged runs for Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar and Sufokia make your stomach flutter like a thousand moskitos? Did you love displaying your love for your country? Now, you can take things even further with a truly lyrical winged run for the World of Twelve as a whole with the Wakfu Wing Run!

When he soars with his head in the clouds, Yugo, king of the Eliatropes, is clearly in his element… Whether it's with his teleportation portals or cute little wings made of Wakfu, the young boy moves lightly with hypnotizing agility. Who's never dreamed of being like him? Who's never imagined floating in the air with a pair of wispy azure-colored wings? In short, who's never wanted to be king in place of the king?

Starting today until next week, you can purchase the Wakfu Wing Run in both real currency and OG. Afterward, it will be permanently available for 3,000 OG. The Wakfu Wing Run* will make your heart soar!

It will make you giddy and take your adventures to new heights.