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即日起至12月24日,商城出售随机礼盒,售价1500水晶 能开出商城2000-5000水晶其他种类在售的礼盒。



They've been here, they'll go there… What? The Mystery Box of the year! Find them in a Mystery Box that contains them all – the Rubik's Cube! Where? In the Shop, either by purchasing it or as a gift with packs of 6,000 OG or more.

The Rubik's Cube Mystery Box is a guaranteed surprise! Out of all the boxes it contains, which one will you get? Anything is possible.

  • WAKFU Animated Series Mystery Box (3.000 OG)
  • Myster'Hit Box (2.500 OG)
  • Gobbowler Mystery Box (2.000 OG)
  • Summer Suit Mystery Box (2.000 OG)
  • Cursed Mystery Box (2.000 OG)
  • Boost Mystery Box (2.000 OG)

Jackpot :

  • Speedy Twelvian Mystery Box (5.000  OG)

Until 11:59 PM (Paris time) on Monday, December 24, load up on boxes to put under the tree:

  • purchase them in the store for 1,500 OG;
  • or get them as gifts with packs of 6,000 OG or more (valid once per account).