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From now through August 6, we're giving you the chance to feel like a snapper in the Sufokian Ocean. For every purchase of at least 6,000 Ogrines, you'll get the Surf Emote as a bonus gift. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in!

For one week, the Meridia of Tanning, Ju, will be teaming up with Po, the Meridia of Freedom, to give you a thrilling summer! What better way to feel alive than to surf, hair blowing in the wind, raging waves set to come down on you at any moment, the sound of clammer sharks fully immersing you in the unmistakable ambience of Bilbiza?

You can go nuts with this emote any time of the year, summer or winter, and in whatever area you like. Surf in a field of Pumpkwins, in the center of a historical monument, in the middle of a thrilling fight, or even at the top of Mount Zinit if you feel like it!

If you were planning on buying Ogrines, this emote is within your grasp! It's a bonus gift with packs of 6,000 OG or more until Monday, August 6 11:59 PM CEST!

Don't let this opportunity swim by!