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即日起商城限时上架铁甲时装 售价4000水晶 下架日期未知,喜欢得朋友不要错过


Who'd have thought? The Ironclad Costume may indeed be forged from rugged steel, but it's still comfortable to wear and as light as a Piwi feather. It's perfect for adventurers who are as tough as leather but have soft, sensitive skin… and ones who love "Boostache Breastplate" parties, too.

The World of Twelve is fraught with danger, and even thick-skinned adventurers might get a bruise or two every now and then. You've got two solutions to tread its perilous paths: The first one involves charging in head first, eyes closed, and praying to your god that you'll get through in one piece. Iops often choose this approach. The second more tried and tested one is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Forged from a an alloy that resists weather, rust, Boowolf bites, rain, snow, showers, Tofu guano, and even sweet words from your beloved on days where tempers get heated, the Ironclad Costume is your perfect partner for facing every threat steely-eyed, come hell or high water…