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Every year, just when your morale is at its lowest as the cold weather hits and you struggle to adjust after setting your clocks back, Black Friday arrives to put a smile on your face! And speaking of which… Do you actually know the origins of this event, which starts on December 4 this year?

Legend has it that by always enjoying life (and cawwots) in big bites, a certain Black Tiwabbit eventually lost the sparkle in his smile. Committed to getting his oral hygiene back on track, he hopped right along to his dentist's office. The good doctor suggested a revolutionary new treatment, a unique formula made with coal straight from the Sidimote Mines. Applied directly to the patient's chompers, this miracle cure, known as Black Fluoride, gave the little fellow a smile to make the lady Tiwabbits swoon!

The dentist was so pleased to see his patient get his mojo back that he decided to organize a huge sale once a year, which he called Black Fluoride Day, to introduce new patients to his famous concoction. Over time, other local merchants joined in the fun and started offering Twelvians their own incredible discounts on all kinds of products. And thus Black Friday was born.

Black Friday and Black Fluoride Day: both amazing ways to get you smiling again! From December 4 through December 6 at 11:59 PM (Paris time), enjoy a 50% discount on every purchase!*

* Offer does not apply to booster, conversion stone, and ogrine packs.
** Some stores have already pushed back their Black Friday dates due to the ongoing health crisis. To avoid any unfair competition, we've decided to do the same. That's why the event will be taking place from Friday, December 4, through Sunday, December 6.