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To go or not to go? That is the hesitation… With a 30% discount applicable to this service until August 2, it's time to act! Changing class is like changing your playing style, or even your gender and face. In one word, it's a life-changing decision!

You do everything necessary to be a good adventurer, to advance, to improve your abilities. And yet you feel that deep down, something isn't quite right. That your true nature is slumbering. And it's weighing you down. But the solution is simple: Keep your power and become who you really are by changing class!

Does everyone take you for an oaf whereas actually, you're the embodiment of finesse and caring for others? Or, on the other hand, you stay at a safe distance during fights while dreaming of one thing: jumping right in there!

All is not lost! You've got four days to change your life, which you've got to admit isn't always a given: Until 11:59 PM CEST on Thursday, August 2, get a 30% discount on changing class!

Don't miss this opportunity to make a fresh start!