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Got that itchy, scratchy, tickly feeling? You've probably got a Wodent hair down your shirt! The best thing to do is scratch back – and win gifts too! The Fleaster-O-Fleaster game offers two tickets a day* through Sunday, April 8!

A chocolate, a ticket, a gift… A Wodent, a ticket, a gift… When the spirit of Fleaster takes hold of the World of Twelve, there's something for everyone – especially if they like to play! Scratch that Fleaster itch by scratching off two Fleaster-O-Fleaster tickets a day for a chance to win one of the following gifts, including several all-new items:


  • Egg Throw Emote
  • Lay an Egg Emote
  • Fleaster/Cawamel Wodent Haven Bag Kit
  • 11 different Haven Bag decorations


From now through Sunday, April 8 11:59 PM CEST, don't miss your two daily sessions of Fleaster-O-Fleaster!