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Write a new chapter in your adventure by adding pages to your story! Spell pages, for example, so you'll always have the perfect deck handy. Or characteristics pages to always be ready for the unexpected. Not to mention building up your characters! Until Friday, January 25, get one slot or page free when you buy one slot or page!

Tossing out portals left and right, like Yugo, is not something just any adventurer can do. But multiplying your action and reaction capacities can be child's play! The explanation can be found in a few pages… and a few lines.

Take spell pages, for example. Every page lets you create an additional deck, thus increasing your strategic capacities. The same thing goes for characteristics pages where you can distribute your characteristics however you see fit for a given context – and then you're ready to react to all sorts of situations.

Whether it's spell pages or characteristics pages, until January 25 11:59 PM (Paris time), get one page free when you buy one page!*

In addition, to make your game even more diverse and enrich your adventure, you can also take control of more characters. Until January 25 11:59 PM (Paris time), get a free character slot when you buy a slot!

It's the perfect time to take a tour in the shop to make your in-game adventures real page-turners!

* The free page is of the same type as the page purchased.