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A new Mystery Box just bloomed in the Shop! Today through April 30, find the costumes of last spring, as well as other items that will inspire you to sing of your love for the new season! But… you won't, hmm? Promise?

As Christie Andior knows, fashion is constantly being renewed! Just like the seasons do. That's why, until 11:59 PM CEST on April 30, you'll find the spring costumes that flourished last year, in a Mystery Box signaling the return of nice weather! 

For those who don't know what a Mystery Box is, the idea is simple: You simply open it and then let yourself be overcome with joy on discovering the item you've won out of all it contains! Featuring:


Common Items

  • Revival Costume
  • Tyrolean Costume
  • Magic Carpet Costume
  • Pack of 3 x Regeneration Potion

Uncommon Items

  • Pony Costume
  • Black Wabbit Costume


Rare Items

  • Amalia Finisher
  • Tonka Costume

Starting today, it's available in the Shop for 2,000 ogrines!