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God wip *30天(9500水晶)



灵动之猫时装 (Feisty Kitty Costume)(服装颜色根据人物发色改变)


鼠查姆猫 (Ratcham)(Lv50  40治疗强度 20意志)




The felines of the World of Twelve were yowling with anger because they didn't have theirs… Now it's done! From now until July 21, it's the Ecaflips' turn to meow happily with a pack that's specially made for them. They'll be lapping it up…

One die-hard, mischievous player, known as the fooline to his fellow kitties in Ingloriom, the god Ecaflip isn't one to lose it for nothing. Rather, he stands up to danger and much more, looking it straight in the eyes, smiling. This impetuousness sometimes plays tricks on him, but he's always landed on his feet!

Are you one of those who, like him, are incapable of sticking to the rules for more than a minute and who prefer to live life at 1,000 miles per hour at the risk of sometimes falling flat on your face?Then the Ecaflip pack came along just in time – it'll surely win your heart! It contains:

  • A 30-day God Booster
  • 3 extra Mineral Tower Tickets: Powerful Feca Incantations (linked to account)
  • A God Ecaflip Finisher (linked to account)
  • A Feisty Kitty Costume
  • A Cat Tree Haven Bag Kit (new)
  • And a pet Ratcham (new)


You have until July 21 11:59 PM (Paris time) to get it.