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Winter is setting in, slowly but surely! Put on your snowballs and get ready for a mitten fight! Uh… anyway! This year once again, you won't escape the magic of Kwismas. Even better, you'll greatly contribute to it! How's that? By picking up the magnificent Nutcracker Pack!

Wanna know who inspired it? Why, none other than Hazel Cracker! If you're not familiar… She was a Huppermage who became well known throughout the World of Twelve in the Dofus Era thanks to her decorative crowns. Yet some say there was a cost to her success… To craft and deliver her creations on time, Hazel Cracker would spend many long nights laboring nonstop. Eventually, she went nuts and started talking to pynekones, itzting branches, and other little figurines made from treechnid wood. At least, that's what some people say… Others claim that, in actuality, Hazel Cracker had the power to bring those pynekones, itzting branches, and wooden figurines to life, and that they became her closest friends!

Available in the WAKFU shop through Thursday, December 30, the Nutcracker Pack includes:

  • 6,000 ogrines
  • A Nutcracker costume
  • A Rat King pet skin (linked to accounts)
  • 2 Loot potions
  • 2 Experience potions


The pack costs €14.99.