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Look! A Pink Gobball! Oh! A sentiment ring! Oooo! A pink sugar heart! Wow! A crushing hat! It's Saint Ballotwine time! Everyone to Astrub! Rumor has it there's even a lovely Mystery Box!

Until Monday, February 25 10:00 AM (Paris time), everything's looking rosy for those who love love and gifts! In the middle of the Spring Has Sprung festival, Astrub, invaded by Gobballs as pink as sakura flowers, is celebrating Ballotwine's Day!

Find the Gobballs and collect their "gifts": consumables and costume pieces (including two new ones – the Grabbletwine Cape and the Crushing Hat).

Plus, take the time to complete up to four achievements – you'll come out of it exhausted, but if all goes well, you'll also come out of it with a title (Casanova) and an emote (Kiss)!

But… something's missing. What would Ballotwine's Day be without a few surprises?! And surprises there are! You'll find them in the new Saint Ballotwine Mystery Box! Check out what it's got for you.

The Saint Ballotwine Mystery Box is available in the Shop until Sunday, February 17 11:59 PM (Paris time) for just 1,800 OG or €2.50.


Prove your love in this occasion as we're giving you the opportunity to win a Saint Ballotwine Mystery Box. All you need is to get the Grabbletwine Cape and the Crushing Hat, and post a screenshot of your character wearing them in the comments section.

A random draw will take place on February 26 to select the winner!

Good luck!



  • You can claim your Mystery Box here.