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目前开出的时装价格都在100W卡玛以上 稳赚不赔?



We're starting the year off with a Mystery Box to help you dress for winter! Today through January 7, the new Costume Mystery Box can be purchased from the online Shop for 2,500 Ogrines. Take advantage of the chance to change your look!

A new year is upon us, along with the inevitable flurry of New Year's resolutions. You probably won't get back into sports or playing the flute, and you may abandon your diet after a few days, but you can at least spruce up your wardrobe… And you're in luck, because the all-new Mystery Box features a number of different looks !

Today through January 7, it will be available in the online shop for 2,500 Ogrines. This little box contains precious treasures such as:

Uncommon Items:

Rare Items:

Prestige Items:

If you've never purchased a Mystery Box, the concept is simple: open it to receive a random item.

Now available in the Shop!