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A few weeks ago we celebrated the anniversary of Ogrest's arrival, now we have another reason to celebrate!

You mush have fallen off your chair after reading the title! Today we're proud to announce the opening of Mount Zinit - Part One!

You've read that right! This area which was previously reserved for players who had a Booster will be opened to all!

Mount Zinit - Part One is designed for players levels 45 to 130 and includes:

  • 3 zones divided into 5 ecosystems
  • 1 main quest to discover
  • 5 dungeons to explore, each with its own touch of strategy... watch out!
  • 5 families of monsters to fight

Mount Zinit - Part One will be accessible to all in Update 1.61.

Until then sharpen your swords, daggers and arrows. Get ready to conquer Mount Zinit!