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Yugo, Dally, Eva, Amalia, Ruel, Az, and Adamai: Today, these names are so familiar that you probably can't remember a time before you knew them. But ten years ago today, you discovered them for the very first time.

They've had plenty of adventures since this news item (in French) hit the forums on October 28, 2008: [EPISODE 1] L’ENFANT DES BRUMES.

From the Eliatrope brothers' reunion to the fight against Nox, plus the founding of the Brotherhood of the Tofu along the way; from the meeting with Qilby to the liberation of the Eliatrope children; from Frigost to Mount Zinit and all the way up to the top of the Tower of Dreams, our heroes have completed every trial they've been faced with (though not necessarily always in one piece, eh Dally?).

2008-2010: SEASON 1

At 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, October 30, 2008, little Yugo let out his first televised cry on the Toowam show on France 3. Before long, he had plenty of viewers, about 1 million per episode, and WAKFU won the prize for best non-Japanese anime at the Anime & Manga Grand Prix (AGP).

While everyone knows the story of the WAKFU animated series by now, let's recall that at the time, each episode introduced a key character or area of the world, and that the story of their increasing power had its fair share of twists and turns right up to the final battle against Nox, including the death of one of the main characters.

Half an hour after L'enfant des brumes hit the airwaves, another epic story began: Adventure-loving players started exploring the first "open" servers for WAKFU MMO.

But they'd have to wait four years for the game to officially come out… on February 29, 2012, while Season 2 of WAKFU was on the air.

2011-2012: SEASON 2

Eagerly awaited by fans, the 26 episodes of WAKFU's second season were broadcast from February 26, 2011 to March 3, 2012 as part of the Ludo show on France 3. For the second time, the series won the prize for best non-Japanese anime at the Anime & Manga Grand Prix (AGP).

This season included more side adventures in addition to the main storyline (which focused on Yugo's people, the Eliatropes), allowing the audience to meet a large number of secondary characters, as well as a new class known as the Foggernauts who would show up in the game a few months later.


A few years passed, and both fans and the Ankama team were missing the Brotherhood of the Tofu terribly. But in the end, it was worth the wait, because the stakes were incredibly high in these three special 45-minute episodes: Our heroes had to defeat fearsome enemies like Count Harebourg, Ush, Remington Smisse, and Maskemane in order to gather the Eliatrope Dofus and face off against Ogrest on Mount Zinit. Even for this team, that's kind of a big deal!

It wasn't until 2017 that Ogrest finally showed up at the top of Mount Zinit in the WAKFU game! Brave and courageous adventurers that you are, you took the mountain by storm to subdue the beast. Stopping him from spreading his chaos any further was suddenly a top priority. Without your help, the Brotherhood of the Tofu might have spent a lot more time underwater…

2017 2018: SEASON 3

The wait for Season 3 was even longer, but the Brotherhood of the Tofu was back with a vengeance! It had seen plenty of changes, though: Az had gone into retirement, Adamai had disappeared and even seemed to have switched sides, and Percedal and Evangelyne's children Elely and Flopin, whom we had first met in the special episodes, were now members of the team.

This season was broadcast on France 4 in September 2017. There were still plenty of fans tuning in, but their viewing habits had changed: While each episode brought in an average of 310,000 TV viewers, the digital rebroadcasts racked up a cool 1.3 million views. Season 3 then joined the two earlier seasons on Netflix.

Finally, this was the year when you got to meet the members of the Brotherhood of the Tofu in the WAKFU game! Since the events of the game take place before those of the series, you spent time with these heroes in their younger years.

What a long, thrilling trip it's been!

And the adventure's not over yet... at least, yours isn't! To celebrate ten wonderful years, we've decided to give you a little gift:

Log in to the game between October 30 and November 4, and you'll receive a HAVEN BAG KIT the following week!