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From today until July 16, two new cute colorful items are vying for your attention in the Shop.  The Bow Meow Mount and Unikron Harness Pack, as well as just the Bow Meow Unikron Harness, are eagerly waiting for you in our store! Good reason to be excited!

One of Twelvians' most liked pets is now available as a mount! From today until July 16 11:59 PM CEST, you can travel the World of Twelve atop a bow meow the size of a dragoturkey! Now you can look down on everyone arrogantly just like those felines who think they dominate the Krosmoz...

And that's not all! This mount comes with a new item that will surely have those of you looking for greater eccentricity meowing. If you like perfectly manicured claws and bejeweled fur, the Unikron Harness is for you!

You can purchase the Bow Meow Mount and Unikron Harness Pack for 9,300 Ogrines. The Bow Meow Unikron Harness is available for just 4,500 ogrines.

Great news, right?

Don't miss out!