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2019年5月29-6月2日,商城限时销售火枪之神礼包,售价22美元 155元左右

礼包内容:GOD WIP *30天 (9500水晶)

低级魔族宠物(LV50 30生命 50近战 40单体)

火枪王雷明顿终结技能特效 (账号绑定)

火枪之神时装 爆破专家*1





All of Remington Smisse's cleverness and power are concentrated in this new incarnation of the God Pack. Go rogue for it directly in the shop until June 2!

When it comes to making things "go boom", no one can beat a Rogue! More or less disciples of the god Sram based on their interests, some of them have conspired to – under threat of "blowing the joint wide open" (sic) – obtain a pack especially for their class.

We couldn't refuse such a politely formulated request so we pulled together an explosive pack. It'll be up to you to set it off!

  • 30-day God Booster
  • 3 extra Mineral Tower tickets: powerful Feca incantations (linked to the account)
  • new Remington finish move (linked to the account)
  • new costume: the Explosive Strategist
  • a rogue haven bag kit
  • a Minor Shushu


The Rogue Pack will be in the shop until Sunday, June 2 11:59 PM (Paris time) for just €20! Before you do in your next opponent, remember to ask the question that kills: "How are things 'booming' for you?"