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Who knows what's hiding under a seemingly calm surface? Beneath the crest of the waves, just like in the depths of Ogrine Packs, danger lurks with its companion, fear! Take a good look in your Ogrine Packs: The Teeth of Light Costume could be hidden there!

Sharp teeth, lights moving like dozens of threatening eyes that stare at you in the darkness of the abysses… but what is this animal, this monster that looks like escaped from the Primitive Age?

By the Twelve, it's… it's… an adventurer! Yep, a plain old adventurer like you and me. Well, not exactly… Because he's wearing the fabulous animated Teeth of Light Costume, the same one that terrified generations of Foggernauts and generated the craziest of rumors and legends!

If you were planning on buying Ogrines, this rare costume is within your grasp! It's a bonus gift with packs of 13,000 OG or more until Monday, July 9 11:59 PM CEST!

It's time to jump in at the deep end!


  • Ogrine Packs for the promo vary from country to country. The item will appear in your basket before payment is confirmed.