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Good news for those who were planning to pay for purchases in Ogrines lately. If you stop by the Shop this week, the Summon a Pet emote will be added to your cart as a bonus gift, as soon as its total reaches 6,000 Ogrines. Take advantage of this offer until March 12!

Become part of the magic of the World of Twelve with this Summon a Pet emote. Summon and you shall be answered! Summon and a pet will descend from the skies over your head! Will it be a Tofu, a Jelly, a Gobball, or a Bow Meow? It's a mystery that only fate will decide…

On the other hand, getting this emote in the first place won't be left to fate! You'll get it as a bonus gift, by making your purchases in the shop between Tuesday, March 6 11:00 AM CET and Monday, March 12 11:59 PM CET. Your cart's total just has to reach 6,000 OG.


  • This includes purchases paid for in Ogrines, but does not include the purchase of Ogrines themselves.
  • Services and Booster Packs in Ogrines are part of this promotion, For example, you buy a God Booster 7 days (5,500 OG) then a costume (2,000 OG), you will then receive the item in your Gift Box.
  • You can view your purchase history in the account management page.
  • This offer is valid only once per account.