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A whole new class and its history, a redesign of the Riktus Elites and class revamps… All of this is waiting for you in Update 1.56, available tomorrow in Beta!


In this Beta, you’ll be able to get an idea of what to expect in the upcoming Update 1.56! Come and discover it with us!

You never knew how to get along with cats? No problem! Come and meet the adventurer’s best friend: the Ouginak! Warning, these are not old dogs and they will give you a hard time! Come and discover them as well as the quests related to their history starting tomorrow! In order to access the new class on the Beta server, you must have an active Booster Pack.

Speaking of classes and new releases,  the new generation of Enutrofs will also be available! Come try it, adopt it and give us your feedback! Enutrofs are not the only ones that had changes as there were many modifications done to the Sram too!

A global rebalancing of several gameplay mechanics can also be tested in Beta. This time we worked on AP / MP removal and heals!

Finally do not forget to take a look in the corner of the Elite Riktus who have also undergone many improvements.

We will share the complete changelog tomorrow.

While waiting for the update, it’s time to get Beta testing! Don’t forget to share with us your feedback on the forum!