【洗点必备3天GOD WIP】限时贩卖

2018年05月08日 沃土新闻 暂无评论 阅读 1,892 次

5月7日-12日商城出售 3天GOD WIP ,售价1000水晶。拥有GOD WIP可以使用无限洗点,而单独的一次性洗点道具商城售价3000水晶,30天的GOD WIP 商城售价9500水晶,所以这个对于近期需要洗点的玩家来说很划算。



All fired up by the double XP professions weekend, don't let your momentum slow! Test the God Booster for three days, and decide when it starts!

You have until May 12 to get the 3-Day God Booster and enjoy power of the supreme booster! First you doubled your profession XP gains, now multiply your powers!

The 3-Day God Booster costs a mere 1,000 OG, and it won't start automatically on purchase! It's a token you can use when you want.

Make the most with the 3-Day God Booster, available in the Shop until Saturday, May 12 11:59 PM CEST!