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即日起至5月31日至 商城出售泽尼特礼包 售价7800水晶




Perhaps you already know the incredible feeling of freedom that comes with climbing the World of Twelve's most famous mountain peak. But if you haven't experienced it yet, there's no reason to miss out any longer: Mount Zinit is now open to everyone. Your gear is ready and waiting for you: a Zinit Pack stuffed with great items. That is… unless you're scared?


The lair of the titanic Ogrest, Qilby the Eliatrope's spaceship, a battlefield where heroes and Primordial Dragons grapple in a bitter struggle… Even words like "fabled" and "iconic" can't really do justice to Mount Zinit's legendary reputation. Are you ready to rise to the challenge?
If you're not quite sure (or even if you just want to look your best for your adventure), pick up the Zinit Pack now! Here's what's inside:
A 30-Day God Booster
A Zinit Haven Bag (new!)
An Ogrest mount skin (linked to account)
An Ogrest finisher (linked to account)
A Great Ogrest costume
A Climb Mount Zinit emote
A Zinitude title

Like we said: this pack is really stuffed with great… stuff!

But it won't stay in the shop forever. You have until Wednesday, May 13 at 11:59 PM (Paris time) to grab yours.