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It seems unattainable… You dream about it all night. And all day… You wonder if you will ever get the chance to scale its slopes and if so, when. How does this week sound? Because Ogrest is hosting another "open house"! It's the perfect opportunity to discover Mount Zinit in person instead of in travel brochures or dusty old books…

Do you have any plans this week? Cancel them! Because starting August 29 6:00 PM (server time) and until September 5 11:59 PM (server time), no matter where you're from or what shelf you store your shield on (to use the appropriate Iop expression), come climb this famous mountain, the one that changed the face of the World of Twelve forever – Mount Zinit.

Indeed, in a few days, we'll be celebrating the anniversary of the day the most calamitous ogre the Krosmoz has ever known entered the game!

So don't miss it!