2017年11月10日 沃土新闻 暂无评论 阅读 1,416 次

11月10日晚上6点到12日晚上24点 泽尼特地区不需要WIP也能通行

At the top of the mountain, Ogrest the terrible with his wrath and grief, spreads chaos to the World of Twelve. Now's your chance adventurers to discover the secrets of Mount Zinit and explore this unique area at ease!


Following the test conducted last week, we decided to organize this kind of event more regularly. And for a good start, Mount Zinit will this time be accessible to all during the full weekend!

From Friday, November 10 6:00 PM (server time) until Sunday, November 12 11:59 PM (server time), Mount Zinit opens its doors to all players!

Run! There is no time to lose and enjoy a weekend access pass to Mount Zinit!